Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup Movie Poster

No, not a recipe.  It's a movie.  I am finding there are many good flics available if you take a look.  Tortilla Soup is a remake of Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman.  It features Hector Elizondo (that fact alone makes it watchable for me!) as Martin Naranjo, a retired Mexican American master chef.  Martin has three daughters who watch out for him. He doesn't need to be watched out for, but their concern is nice to see.  He is widowed and has not chosen to get back in the dating game.  His kids do not want him to be alone.
Now, the girls have their own set of issues to either deal or live with, which makes for a "soupy" (pun intended!) life with the four of them!  Enter Raquel Welch as Hortensia, the mother of the next door neighbor.  Wow! She would like Martin's affections to be toward her.  Well, no, she would like to capture Martin, actually!  Yes, she pretty aggressive.  Add to this his friends he still has at the restaurant and his life is pretty full.  He does, however have someone in mind that he would like to spend time with---not telling you who.  This movie is a blend of real life circumstances and imagined situations that gives it a good realistic feel.  Everything in this flick could happen in real-life and does.
I found it totally absorbing.  It is well acted by the whole cast.  Hector Elizondo does a great job as the main character.  His daughters, played by Elizabeth Pena, Jacqueline Obradors and Tamra Mello suit the parts and support his performance very well.  The additional cast is more than just additional.  They add their own talent which rounds out the story line.
I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Another escape for me into some great entertainment.  It has it's own endearing charm and the well played script is quite believable; making it a must watch!  I loved it. IMDb gives it 3.5 stars out of five.  Rotten Tomatoes scores it a 74%.  I include these figures for you because I liked it so much, I cannot be objective.  I give it five stars! 
It's a good movie.  You should watch it.  Disclaimer: I say that because all genres are not for all movie lovers.  If you are stuck on Sci-Fi, Action flics, Murder Mysteries, then you may not care for this.  If you like well done movies with family drama/comedy you will like this movie a lot.  Released in 2001, I streamed this movie from Amazon Prime.  You can also get it on Netflix and HuluPlus.  Also, check your local library if you watch on DVD.  The flicks available at the library are increasing all the time.

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