Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mark's Story - The Gospel According to Peter

This is written as a novel but is still the narrative from the Gospel of Mark.  Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins wrote this as it would have been Mark telling the reader the events in his life that brought him to his belief in Christ and his subsequent missionary journeys.  It is an easy read and flows well from page to page.  It begins with Mark as a young teen, about 14 I think, when the Apostles and Christ met in the Upper Room.  It has been set as a room on the second story, or roof, of Mark's mother's home.  It reads as if Mark is giving you his first-hand account of what took place.  It gives us a view of his listening to the beloved Teacher as He brought the Word to the Apostles and his wonder and sometimes confusion at the deep spiritual truths that are laid out in those gatherings. The book ends with Peter's death in which he was hung upside down on a cross-not feeling himself worthy to be hung in the same manner as Christ.   The Epilogue tells of Mark's death in Alexandria.  It describes his being drug through the streets of that city with a rope around his neck, choking to death.  This is a book that a friend loaned me.  It was written in 2007 as Book Two in the Jesus Chronicles.  The first in this series is John's Story: The Last Eyewitness.  I like that the book includes the Book of Mark in the back, NKJV version.  It makes it nice to turn to the Scripture and find some of the incidents and story that are in the novel.
I would recommend this as a good read of the book of Mark explained as it happened for those present.  It was published in 2007 so you may find it in your local library.  It was a best seller when it came out.  Or, you can probably purchase it at the Christian bookstore or online.


  1. This one looks good! I love these kinds of stories. I will be adding this to my Goodreads list!

  2. Glad you think so. It's not real long so it will be easy for you to get through it.