Monday, June 30, 2014

Black List

Wow!!  You gotta read this book!  It’s scary to the point of paranoia.  It could so much be real!  Scott Harvath, a counter terrorism operative has just been added to the black list.  Through a well orchestrated plan, his entire company has been targeted for treason, and most of them eliminated.  His trip from normalcy to fight for life status, is absolutely the stuff that the best thrillers are made of.  New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor has given us a story that is, to borrow from the flyleaf, “action-packed and frighteningly real.”  I honestly was on the edge of my seat through almost all of this read.  The first few chapters are introducing all the characters and bringing their relationships together, which is never my favorite part.  However, I have learned to hold on for the story that almost always comes together after the “character connections” are made.  This book does not disappoint; in fact, it exceeds my expectations.   This is my first time to read a novel by this author.  I had never heard of him before I saw this book.  And, as I say, some of my reviews are of little known but great reads.   I think this is one of those.  I suppose it is possible that he is very well known and I missed that, he has written a dozen or so books.  I happened across this in the bargain bin of my local grocery store, marked way down for sale. Of course, any author’s book can eventually get there!  This came out in 2012, so it is not brand new.  The plot of Black List is so well woven into a convoluted ball of wax, that alone is a puzzle to solve.  And solve it, he does.  I just cannot say enough good about this book.  I especially appreciated reading a book for its story, and not one that grabs you with its graphic content, sex, violence, etc.  It is hard core thriller for engaged minds, no cheap thrills here.  Find it, buy or borrow it, read it.  You will be glad you did!  This is the stuff of blockbuster movies and I would love to see one of his books on the big screen, which I think may be happening soon.  Check it out.  By the way, make sure you read the Epilogue.
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