Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In the Field of Grace

The Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz is beloved because it is a concise detailed description of the lineage of Christ that we can see clearly in history. The title of this book is descriptive of the grace that Ruth benefits from in the fields of Boaz, born of God’s love for her and personified in Boaz’s heart for God.   In the Field of Grace relates that story and transports the reader right to the heart of that history and the story and even to the heart of Judah.  It brings tears of joy that you share with Ruth when she is enveloped by delight from the realization that God loves her and does have provision over her, as well as sympathy for her sorrow when her despair of ever belonging or having a life of consequence washes over her; which comes as a result of her rejection in Bethlehem because she was a Moabitess.  I could have done without Ruth’s vision while she was in a death-like sleep (coma) after the birth of Obed, as it hearkens to the current fascination with stories about visiting heaven and God during a death experience, then returning to earth.  None the less, this does not detract from the beauty of the story and Ms. Afshar’s ability to relate to us the account of Ruth and Boaz.  The author is a natural story-teller and the ease with which she drew me in to the heart of the characters is a clear indication of that.  She uses just enough poetic license to bring everyday reality to the story which was certainly present in Bible times, via a glimpse of the culture, daily routine, and clear picture she paints of God’s law being followed, or not.  I was absorbed into this era from the beginning of the novel with the author’s descriptive narrative of the times, the place and the people.  It reads very easily and kept me turning the pages to see what beauty was in store next.  It is a comforting, reassuring account of God’s unfailing love for His people.  This is a book to be best savored sitting outside on a summer day with a tall glass of iced tea and an uninterrupted afternoon.  I give In the Field of Grace five stars and I think I will be reading Ms. Afshar’s other works, as well.  I was given an e-reader copy of this book from the publisher, Moody Publishers, free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  These words are my opinion.
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In the Field of Grace   -     By: Tessa Afshar

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