Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Real Reviews for You

Having been an avid reader all my life, I have a passion for a "good read."  This is my first post on a new blog.  I hope to inspire you to read a book you have not thought of reading.  I want to also be a good source for you to turn to when you would like to read a real, honest review on a volume before you buy or borrow it.  My focus is Christian authors who write with an edge, fiction and non-fiction.  I will also review secular writings including some best-sellers and well known authors.
If you share this passion, then I hope you will come back for a real review.  Or, if not, maybe my reviews will spark an interest in a new hobby.
By the way, I also test and review some of my favorite cookbooks.  You can find those reviews at jerisfoodthoughts.wordpress.com  So, while I am not new to blogging, this blog is a new endeavor for me, but a very familiar subject.
  My first offering will be a review of Boneman's Daughters by author Ted Dekker.  Spine chilling and absorbing.
So glad you are here!  Thanks for reading, see you soon!!