Friday, April 25, 2014


Commander Ryan Evans was a husband and father who had been disenfranchised by his wife and daughter.  He no longer had the right to live in their home, or relate to them as husband and father,  the result of putting his military career first for 15 years.  Rarely home, out of touch.
But when the serial killer called BoneMan invades their home and takes his daughter, Bethany, all bets are off.  BoneMan intends for Bethany to be his 7th victim.
Ryan's release from special assignment as an intelligence analyst finds him struggling to reconnect with civilian life after two years in the Iraqi desert.  The killing spree coincides with Evan's return home; by design of the killer.  Ryan's panic along with evidence placed to implicate him, cause the FBI to believe the killer is Ryan Evans.  It doesn't help that the killings have begun again after a break of several years, just when Ryan returns home.  Bethany's abduction awakens his fatherly instinct which he has had to push down for many years.  He is determined he will find BoneMan and will reclaim his daughter and their relationship. I have goosebumps writing this, remembering how it pulled at my heartstrings in the midst of a heinous murder mystery!
The story plays out with a host of underlying plot lines and connections between characters.  I was in from the first page because Ted Dekker writes this story like a real life situation and that pulled me in and kept me reading.  He is an expert at writing life from the viewpoint of a warped mind.  The details of the abduction and the killing of the girls is at times graphic and hard to read, but the story is so compelling that I had no choice but to read through and keep going to get to what I knew had to be a happy ending!  I had to stay focused to keep track of the action and get the most out of the details that were clues to the Bone
Man's train of thought.
I highly recommend this if you like murder mysteries with layers of plot twists and edge of your seat good reading!
Up next-Cane River by Lalita Tademy.
I look forward to sharing this with you and hope you will return!

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