Monday, August 4, 2014

The Trail

The Trail is about finding God’s will for you and the trail you “hike” to get to that place.  Ed Underwood has written a small, short gem with good scripture references to go along with this journey.  Though written as a novel, it presents principles that are part of the method he is teaching in the story.  He takes us with Sam, an old “mountain man firefighter” turned pastor and Matt and Brenda, a couple who is facing a big decision and each using a different thought process to arrive at that decision.  Close friends send them on a trip with Sam into the High Sierras where he teaches them eight scriptural principals that keep them centered on God and focused on finding His will.  I liked this book.  I did find it sometimes difficult to keep up with the details of the hike itself and the directions that Sam was giving to Matt and Brenda, which were integral to the process.  It was not a really easy read but it was worth sticking with it for the end.  The added issue of the old man working through one of his personal relationship problems at the same time he was teaching Matt and Brenda, was a distraction I could have done without.  It did add an element of humanity to the character of Sam, lest we think he has it all wrapped up in a pretty package!  As I read this I was thinking I would need to go back and find each principle and write it down with the scripture reference.  But, when I got to the end of the book, the list of principles and scripture references was recapped there, making it an easy reference.  This book also includes a discussion guide which lends itself to small groups or Bible study groups.  The outdoor theme is a refreshing change.  This is a book that you can keep on your shelf and refer back to from time to time when you feel challenged to discern God’s guidance in a situation you may face.  It would also be a good gift book for a graduate or young married couple.  I give The Trail four stars!

I received a complementary review copy of The Trail from the publisher, Tyndale, in exchange for my honest review.  These words are my opinion. 

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