Friday, November 28, 2014

21 Things the Devil Cannot Do

No, I will not list the 21 things!  Ha!  Duane Vander Klok has written a demonic expose' on Satan that arms us, as Christians, to banish his strongholds on us forever.  He points out that we frequently react "in fear and panic" when we should be using the authority of Jesus Christ to make him flee. 
The author enumerates the long list of tools we already have in our box and gives us the biblical insight to put those to use.  Written in an easy to read, almost conversational manner, Duane takes us through such topics as Sizing Up the Enemy, where he presents the basics of the Devil's limitations.  He reminds us (or informs us) that Satan cannot read our mind, cannot predict the future and is not "omni-anything!"  The victory is already ours through the blood of Christ and we need to live like it is.  He discusses spiritual laws the Devil cannot break, things the Devil cannot do to believers, and signs of "Demon Trouble."  He further discusses how to expose the enemy's weaknesses.  He includes a chapter on uncovering the enemy's tactics. 
This is a thorough and concise discussion of defeating Satan's hold on our life.  The examples and illustrations are well written and recognizable.  Yes, there most definitely is a list of 21 things and it is worth reading and considering.   This book is a useful resource with enough scripture to illustrate each point.  I would have liked even more scripture reference which I feel would have aided me in my own study and reading.  As in many books of this nature, the author is drawing us a picture of "things" we may already know from the Bible but do not always take to heart for use in our Christian walk.  I appreciated the reminder of the power I already have to defeat the Devil's influence in my life and any stronghold he may have over me.  This is recommended reading in my opinion.  I give 21 Things the Devil Cannot Do four stars.
I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the publisher, Chosen, in exchange for my honest review.  These words are my opinion.
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21 Things the Devil Cannot Do by Duane Vander Klok

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