Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In The Chase,  Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg have put their talent together to write a work that has the humor of Ms. Evanovich's novels, with the crime solving sluething abilities of Lee Goldberg's writing.  Con artist Nick Fox and FBI agent Kate O'Hare are partnered together by the FBI, at Nick's urging, to hunt and take down the world's most wanted criminals.  Their current target is a former White House Chief of Staff who heads up a private security agency.  He has a thing for priceless art and artifacts from around the world and uses his security firm to hide his thefts.  Reading this novel is a chase.  It is abundantly supplied with characters which aid and abet Nick and Kate and which, I found, were a chase to keep up with.  It took me on a wild ride, but I was not sure where I was and what was being chased at all times.  If you are familiar with Janet's Stephanie Plum novels, this is not like one of those.  The Chase is what would be called one of her "between the numbers" novels except that she did not write it alone.  I think her best work is done on the Stephanie Plum character and her adventures.  I found myself working to get this book "read", which is not what I look for in a good read.  It did not absorb me.  However, it certainly was daring. I did find myself thinking that they would not get out of the fix they were in on several occasions.  I would recommend this only if you like plots that are "hither and yon" and move from location to location quickly.  No moss under these stones.  I give The Chase three stars.  It is certainly not bad at all, but not my choice for a favorite.  Read more about this book at The Chase.
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