Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sunset Beach

 A good book for the beach should be easy to read but also absorbing; this has both of those qualities. Wrapped up in a beach house in San Diego are stories about families seeking solace from stress as well as  reconnections with each other.  Sunset Beach tells one of those stories.  What better location to find a dose of rest and relaxation than a beachfront cottage, where you can sit on the porch or walk the beach as much as you want?  The characters in this novel do both of those things, sometimes to escape each other! But, also sometimes to come together for conversation and to work out relationships that are broken.  This book centers around Sonny Miller and her desire to re-unite her mother and aunt, sisters who have not spoken in way too many years.  Trish Perry has included the right amount of sub-plots to hold your interest and works them in artfully connecting all the dots.  Sunset Beach is part of a series of four books co-authored by Ms. Perry and Sally John, based on an original concept by Sally John, The Beach House Series.  Separate stories with different characters all coming to the Beach House for vacation, all with their own "luggage."  Sunset Beach hits the spot and I recommend it as a good choice to toss in your vacation bag and bring along! Four stars for this. Here is a list of just a few good beach reads that I can suggest;
The Beach House and Castles in the Sand by Sally John
Beach Dreams by Trish Perry
Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand
Colony by Anne Rivers Siddons
Random Winds by Belva Plain

Thanks so much for being here and happy reading!  


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