Thursday, May 8, 2014

Redeeming Love

Francine Rivers is an excellent story teller; and this is a grand story.  Ultimately, it is the picture of God's love for His people.  It is a symbolic retelling of the story of Hosea in the Bible, which is history based on the fact of God's refusal to give up on us, His people.  Angel was sold into prostitution at the age of ten.  That in itself  is enough to ruin a child and her trust.  And that is what happened to Angel.  Micheal Hosea is a farmer who listens closely to his Heavenly Father and he knows that Angel is to be his wife.  The ensuing battle between Michael and Angel is tumultuous, emotional, heart-breaking and exhausting in a good way!  This book started a little slow, but once the background was put in place it really picked up and I (almost) could not put it down until I read the last page.  It is very thick, very detailed and one big chunk of reading, but well worth it.  With warm weather upon us, this is exactly the kind of book to sit down with a tall glass of iced tea and read on!  (or whatever cold drink you prefer!)
Thanks for being here! Hope you will visit again.  I will return with my review of Lost Mission by Athol Dickson.  
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